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Marodyne LiV Device VAT Relief

If you have a diagnosed chronic illness or disability, such as osteoporosis, you may qualify for VAT relief on your Marodyne LiV device purchase.

How do I claim VAT relief?

To claim VAT relief, you must complete the customer VAT relief declaration form (this is an example form, please get in touch to receive your form) and email/send it back to MyBones, confirming you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that qualifies for VAT relief and you have read and understood these T&Cs.


The person making the claim should complete this form, but a family member, carer or medical professional may complete the form on the claimant’s behalf.


By confirming that you are eligible for VAT relief, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility should HMRC query your declaration and that VAT officers may contact you for evidence.


Read the full VAT Relief T&Cs

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Read the full VAT relief T&Cs

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