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Duchess of Cornwall calls for better osteoporosis education

Duchess of Cornwall calls for better osteoporosis education

Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, has spoken about her mother’s battle with osteoporosis. In discussion with veteran TV presenter Gloria Hunniford to mark World Osteoporosis Day, the Duchess describes her mother’s battle with the disease and the dramatic impact it had on her and her family. 

“My mother, I think, went to see everybody you could possibly think of, and they all said the same thing – ‘Sorry, you’re old’. We just watched her shrinking before our eyes,” said the Duchess. 

The family suffered from a lack of awareness of the condition, said the Duchess. “Because we didn’t know anything about it, so at some point we thought, ‘Well, is she making a great fuss about all this?’”

The Duchess describes how her mother experienced significant pain from the condition, at times literally screaming when she was touched. Sadly, the Duchess’ mother and grandmother died from the disease. Her experiences with osteoporosis have deeply affected her. As a result, she has been a tireless campaigner and dedicated over 20 years of her life to fundraising for osteoporosis. 

Camilla is currently an ambassador of the Royal Osteoporosis Society and has played a significant role in increasing public knowledge of osteoporosis. However, whilst acknowledging things are better than they were 20 years ago, there is still work to do.

 “I think we all think we’re immortal, don’t we, when we’re young,” said the Duchess. She wants information about osteoporosis to be provided to young people who can make lifestyle changes before it’s too late.

“I think I’d like to see more young people being educated. I’d love to see more young people understand it, not just thinking, you know, ‘poor old bats, we’re going to get old and that’s what’s going to happen to us’. But actually understanding what happens and how they can prevent it.”

When asked how she would get through to young people, she has some strong ideas. “I would show them pictures of my mother, before and after she got osteoporosis. I would make them look at photographs and say, ‘Look, if you don’t take care, that’s what will happen to you’.”

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