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Donna’s Story

“Today I got the official diagnosis Osteopenia NOT Osteoporosis”.

Donna’s Story

“I felt cast adrift”

Effects of her diagnosis

Donna was diagnosed with Osteoporosis back in 2020 at the age of 56 when she had an unexpected fall and broke her radius. A follow up DEXA scan revealed the osteoporosis in her spine was -2.9 and -2.0 in her hip. “This was a big shock for me as I had no symptoms and felt fit and well for my age”


Donna was told she had no option but to take alendronic acid for the next 5 years and then have another scan. Weary of the side effects she’d heard other women had experienced, Donna felt cast adrift.

“It was a scary decision to go drug-free but for me it was the right decision”.

Discovering Marodyne LiV

In August, following a a discussion with a doctor at her Menopause Clinic, Donna decided to stop taking alendronic acid. “It was a scary decision to go drug-free but for me it was the right decision”.


Looking for alternative ways to combat her osteoporosis Donna discovered Margaret Martin and Sarah Meeks videos on YouTube. “Feeling much happier I eagerly continued with my research and discovered the YouTube channels for Margaret Martin and Sara Meeks, both excellent sources of information for anyone with Osteoporosis & both were recommending the Marodyne LiV plate”


After discovering the device was available in the UK she purchased her device in Spring 2021. When it arrived Donna started using her device straight away and found it simple to set up and use: “I usually read the news or a book and the time flies”.


Positive Results

“The muscles in both my legs have become stronger”

Bone Scan Results

Donna uses her device everyday alongside her twice weekly weight training sessions. Nearly three years after first learning she had osteoporosis, Donna had a REMs scan.


She was elated to find all her hard work had paid off and her diagnosis had improved from osteoporosis back to osteopenia.


“The results speak for themselves, and I feel empowered and committed to continue on my journey”.


of women over 50 will be affected by osteoporosis

We can’t ignore the damaging impact osteoporosis has on women’s lives


million people are suffering from osteoporosis in the UK

Up to 80% of us will experience osteoporosis in our lifetimes


billion is spent by the NHS managing osteoporosis

To protect patients and healthcare providers, we need to focus on preventing the causes of osteoporosis, not treating the outcomes

Julie Robinson at the front of a gym hall leading one of her Menohealth exercise classes Julie Robinson at the front of a gym hall leading one of her Menohealth exercise classes Julie Robinson at the front of a gym hall leading one of her Menohealth exercise classes
Our Partners


We are working together with Menohealth to create a society free from osteoporosis. Julie Robinson, founder of Menohealth, shares our ethos that prevention is better than ‘cure’ when managing menopause symptoms and actively encourages women to take control of their bodies at this time of their life.

“I’m reassured by the fact Marodyne LiV is clinically approved to prevent and combat osteoporosis and the science backing its effectiveness looks strong,” says Julie.  “As a 100% natural way to boost bone health, Marodyne LiV sits well alongside our stance here at Menohealth of taking a holistic approach to healthcare. I have no hesitation in recommending women look at using Marodyne LiV alongside making healthy diet and lifestyle choices during menopause.”

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“Fighting osteoporosis with Marodyne LiV is my new hobby!”

Patricia Cox, 71, High Wycombe

“It has improved my mobility and I definitely feel stronger both physically and mentally.”

Dorothy Wood, 72, Sheffield

“I’m so grateful to Marodyne LiV and feel much better for doing something natural to boost my bone health.”

Danah Witkin, 57, London

“I move more freely after using Marodyne LiV: it’s a great warm-up”

Trevor Dyson, 66, Northamptonshire

“I have a regular routine with the Marodyne LiV and use it each morning. The buzzing is like having a friendly bee with me!”

Lis Harding, 79, Chester

“I’m delighted to have found such a wonderful, gentle way to help my bones.”

Mavis Ahern, 73, Brecon

“I’m so relieved to be off all medication”

Geraldine Chamberlain, 67, Colchester

“I chose Marodyne as it’s a natural, proactive way to tackle my osteopenia”

Lesley Wilkinson, 65, Ripon, North Yorkshire

“I use it every morning for 10 minutes the moment I get up”

Julie Arnold, 65, Beaconsfield

“I don’t want to suffer with osteoporosis like my sister”

Judith Darling, 58, Shropshire

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