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Marodyne LiV FAQs

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about the Marodyne LiV device and Low-intensity Vibration therapy.



  • Research shows daily use is most effective. We recognise it may not always be possible to use your device daily, but you should aim for at least 5 sessions a week to receive all the clinical benefits.

  • Marodyne LiV is safe to use for up to four hours per day. For optimal results you should at least spend 10 minutes per day on the device. Multiple use increases creation of exoskeleton in the cells – this means that the cells are going to be more responsive to mechanical stimulation. If you are planning to use the device more than once, ideally you should allow a period of time to lapse between sessions. Professor Clinton Rubin recommends a 2-5 hour refractory period, or rest time, between treatment sessions. If you are unable to stand on the device for the full 10 minutes, we recommend that you break up your sessions in the morning and the evening.

  • You don’t need to stand completely still on Marodyne LiV for it to work, but you do need to ensure you keep both feet on the platform and balance on the centre of the platform. This is indicated by the lights on the display (Green = Correct, Yellow = adjustment needed)

  • There is no special posture or exercise required, just stand up straight and relax. If you bring your weight to bear on your front foot, the vibrations will be targeted more on your legs and hips. If your weight is directed more towards your heels, then the vibrations will rise through to your back and neck.

  • We recommend you don’t wear shoes as the Marodyne LiV device is most effective when your feet are in direct contact with the platform. You can keep your socks or use the device barefoot.

  • While we don’t recommend it, you can exercise on Marodyne LiV if you keep both feet on the plate and your balance remains in the centre of the plate. The lights on the display will show if your balance and position is correct.

  • Marodyne LiV is designed to be used while you’re standing. The frequency and amplitude of Marodyne LiV has been selected to deliver precise vibrations for the hip and spine, but only when you’re standing on it.

  • You should not to sit on the Marodyne LiV device. The device is designed to deliver precise mechanical vibrations for the hip and spine, but only when you’re standing on it.

  • Extensive research has proven that, with correct usage, Low-intensity Vibration and Marodyne LiV is safe for people of all ages, from young children to elderly people aged over 100.

  • Marodyne LiV is designed to be used while standing as the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations are optimised to be exactly right for your legs, hips and back. If you perform push-ups or use the device not as instructed you may damage it and will invalidate your warranty.

  • Research shows that Marodyne LiV can be used safely by children. If your child has a special medical condition that may affect their safe use of Marodyne LiV, we recommend you consult a medical specialist before you make a purchase.

  • The Marodyne LiV device can be used by people who between between 30kg (66 pounds) and 125kg (275 pounds).

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before using the device.

  • Yes, your device comes packaged with a travel case to help you transport it. When transporting the device, ensure the device is stored flat in its case with the protective foam band fastened securely around the side of the device, tucked just below the platform rim. If you are taking your device on a plane, ensure the device is in your hand luggage and secured flat in an overhead locker.

  • The safety and effectiveness of using this device while pregnant has not been established. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a doctor before using the device.

  • Users unable to understand and follow the instructions for use manual may only use the device after consultation with their doctor, and only under suitable guidance and supervision.


  • Results vary between people, but positive bone results are expected in about 6-18 months. You may experience positive effects on muscle strength, balance, pain relief and general fitness much more quickly.

  • Yes, Marodyne LiV is medically certified to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • The low intensity vibrations produced by Marodyne LiV will have no known effect on the brain.

  • Weight loss is influenced by a wide range of factors so it is impossible to say definitively what impact the Marodyne LiV device would have on your weight.

  • Most people will benefit from LiV in some way (increased bone density and strength, improved blood circulation etc…) but it is true that LiV benefits some people more than others.

  • The small vibrations produced by Marodyne LiV are designed to target specifically the osteoblast (bone-building) cells in your legs. The vibrations stimulate the osteoblasts into producing bone, therefore increasing your bone density.

  • If you have a diagnosed chronic illness or disability, such as osteoporosis, you may qualify for VAT relief on your Marodyne LiV device purchase. Get in touch to find out more.

Technical Questions

  • After more than 25 years of research in which a variety of frequencies and amplitudes were studied, it was found that this dose was safest and most effective.

  • The Marodyne LiV device weighs 8.1kg (17.85lb).

  • The dimensions are: H/W/D: 7.7 cm (3.03 in) / 45.7 cm (17.99 in) / 35.6 cm (14.01 in).

  • Yes, the Marodyne LiV device is a class IIa medical device, approved by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

  • Most vibration machines in gyms are larger platforms with a much higher g-force output that are focused on strength training and so don’t offer the same benefits as Marodyne LiV.

  • High-intensity WBV carries a high potential risk, has many contraindications and so is best for people who are fit, active and healthy. Whereas, Low-intensity Vibration gently stimulates the body and has no contraindications or side effects which makes it safe for anyone to use.

  • High intensity vibration devices have significant side effects and contraindications and are typically unsuitable for users with underlying health conditions such as osteoporosis. The Marodyne LiV device is a Low-intensity Vibration device and vibrates at a precise frequency of 0.4g at 30hz. The Marodyne LiV is a certified class IIa medical device, certified to increase bone density without any contraindications or side effects.

  • Marodyne LiV is 100% safe to be used at home. Based on the guidelines of the ISO and OSHA regarding vibration (ISO 2631), under normal conditions Marodyne LiV will cause no adverse or harmful effects to users.

  • There is substantial scientific research that has established LiV as an effective tool for preventing osteoporosis and promoting bone growth.

  • Marodyne LiV emits gentle, precise vibrations that target and stimulate the bone-building cells (osteoblasts) in the legs whilst also inhibiting osteoclast (bone-wasting) activity. This helps boost bone density and strengthens your bones to help protect you from diseases such as osteoporosis.

  • Marodyne LiV is very quiet. An incorrect posture can sometimes cause the machine to emit a little noise. To stop the noise, you may need to slightly adjust your posture.

  • It’s highly unlikely the vibrations of Marodyne LiV will disturb your neighbours. An incorrect posture can sometimes cause the machine to emit a little noise but if you adjust your position on the device, the noise will disappear.

  • If you don’t move for a period of time, the sensors inside your Marodyne LiV may believe that you have stepped off the device and so will pause treatment to conserve energy. A slight movement or push with your feet or legs will kick-start the device back into motion.

Experience the gentle vibrations for yourself

Join the thousands of people using Low-intensity Vibration therapy to naturally improve their bone health.

“Fighting osteoporosis with Marodyne LiV is my new hobby!”

Patricia Cox, 71, High Wycombe

“It has improved my mobility and I definitely feel stronger both physically and mentally.”

Dorothy Wood, 72, Sheffield

“I’m so grateful to Marodyne LiV and feel much better for doing something natural to boost my bone health.”

Danah Witkin, 57, London

“I move more freely after using Marodyne LiV: it’s a great warm-up”

Trevor Dyson, 66, Northamptonshire

“I have a regular routine with the Marodyne LiV and use it each morning. The buzzing is like having a friendly bee with me!”

Lis Harding, 79, Chester

“I’m delighted to have found such a wonderful, gentle way to help my bones.”

Mavis Ahern, 73, Brecon

“I’m so relieved to be off all medication”

Geraldine Chamberlain, 67, Colchester

“I chose Marodyne as it’s a natural, proactive way to tackle my osteopenia”

Lesley Wilkinson, 65, Ripon, North Yorkshire

“I use it every morning for 10 minutes the moment I get up”

Julie Arnold, 65, Beaconsfield

“I don’t want to suffer with osteoporosis like my sister”

Judith Darling, 58, Shropshire

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