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MyBones is the exclusive distributor of the Marodyne LiV device in the UK and Ireland. We form an integral link between you, the research, development, manufacture and distribution of the device. Along with our network of worldwide distributors, MyBones is on a mission to improve bone health awareness, helping thousands to enjoy greater freedom and flexibility with an enhanced quality of life.

Our mission

“To empower and inspire people to get serious about their bone health”

At MyBones, we believe everyone should enjoy great bone health throughout their lives. The potential for our technology is vast and that’s why we have assembled a great team to ensure that we can grow and deliver this life-changing treatment to as many people as possible.


Every day, through education, we empower and inspire people to get serious about their bone health to help them make the best choices for their wellbeing. We believe in a future free from osteoporosis.

How Professor Clinton Rubin’s research enabled the launch of MyBones

Professor Clinton T. Rubin, Ph.d – Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory, Stony Brook University

NASA’s leading scientists were challenged to develop a non-invasive, drug-free way to ensure astronauts didn’t lose any bone mass while in space. Clinton Rubin, who led the NASA Vibe Project, began by researching the cellular effects and mechanisms of zero gravity. Rubin’s unique idea was to identify new ways to maintain bone substance and ensure mobility, muscle strength and balance while in space.

Over many years, the team developed the concept of low-intensity and low-load stimulation. The concept was refined through years of testing, developing a fully functioning and highly effective Low-intensity Vibration platform.

These specific, Low-intensity Vibrations activate the body’s cells and contribute to maintaining and building up bones and muscles. Dr. Rubin and his colleagues were convinced that if LiV could work in space, it would work on earth…

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“Fighting osteoporosis with Marodyne LiV is my new hobby!”

Patricia Cox, 71, High Wycombe

“It has improved my mobility and I definitely feel stronger both physically and mentally.”

Dorothy Wood, 72, Sheffield

“I’m so grateful to Marodyne LiV and feel much better for doing something natural to boost my bone health.”

Danah Witkin, 57, London

“I move more freely after using Marodyne LiV: it’s a great warm-up”

Trevor Dyson, 66, Northamptonshire

“I have a regular routine with the Marodyne LiV and use it each morning. The buzzing is like having a friendly bee with me!”

Lis Harding, 79, Chester

“I’m delighted to have found such a wonderful, gentle way to help my bones.”

Mavis Ahern, 73, Brecon

“I’m so relieved to be off all medication”

Geraldine Chamberlain, 67, Colchester

“I chose Marodyne as it’s a natural, proactive way to tackle my osteopenia”

Lesley Wilkinson, 65, Ripon, North Yorkshire

“I use it every morning for 10 minutes the moment I get up”

Julie Arnold, 65, Beaconsfield

“I don’t want to suffer with osteoporosis like my sister”

Judith Darling, 58, Shropshire

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